How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs, in Nebraska, must meet specific requirements to be fully certified and have the ability to practice. CNAs in Nebraska are under strict authority by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Resources, DHHS, to ensure the best care for patients that are utilizing CNA care. Before becoming a CNA in Nebraska, a person must meet training and exam requirements.

After meeting training and exam requirements, CNAs will get their name posted on the Nebraska registry. This will allow you to get a job as a CNA within the state.

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CNA Training and Exam Requirements in Nebraska

To get one’s name on the Nebraska CNA Registry, an aspiring CNA must complete extensive training and be able to pass certain exams. Training and exam requirements will ensure that CNAs are knowledgeable and skilled in their practice, and will be able to provide the best possible care to their future patients. To begin the training and exam process, one must choose which route they are taking to become a CNA and must complete an in-depth application; applicants must be at least 16 years of age.

Select the Right Program and Meet the Requirements

There are a number of different programs throughout Nebraska, and choosing the one that fits one’s lifestyle/needs is important. QCP offers one of the leading programs in Nebraska, with individuals completing their certification on average between 5-6 weeks.

For new CNAs, the first certification requirement is to complete a 75-hour nursing assistant training program. In addition to the 75-hour intensive nursing training, CNA students must also complete a one-hour training course that details reporting abuse and neglect.

Alternate Certification Routes

If an individual is a CNA from out-of-state, he or she does not have to complete the full 75 hours of training as long as he or she can prove with documentation that he or she already completed it. However, out of state CNAs will have to take the one-hour training course that details abuse and neglect, no matter his or her CNA circumstances.

True for both out-of-state CNAs and RNs and LPNs with lapsed licenses, individuals must complete and pass the CNA evaluation exam if they have not practiced nursing in 24 months.

If a nurse is trained in the military or is a foreign-trained nurse, he or she may be exempt from the CNA examination after submitting a letter to the DHHS with an attachment that details one’s credentials.

Complete State-Approved CNA Training

Individuals that are just beginning their CNA training and have selected their program will begin state-approved training. CNA courses must go over a minimum number of topics determined by the state of Nebraska. The standard curriculum for CNA courses in Nebraska (excluding CNAs that want to work with individuals with developmental disabilities) includes:

  • Basic nursing skills, such as maintaining a patient’s environment/comfort, taking and recording a patient’s vital signs, etc.
  • Personal care skills, such as feeding, bathing, turning and repositioning patients
  • Learning resident rights, including, confidentiality and avoiding restraints
  • Learning specifics of mental health in patients; this covers topics having to do with the aging process, residents’ personal choices and how to provide emotional support
  • 16 hours of infection control training, communication skills training, and emergency procedure training
  • Learning how to provide restorative services such as maintaining range of motion and the use of assistive devices

Passing the CNA Exams

When an individual completes the appropriate Nebraska CNA training, he or she must pass competency evaluation exams.

Written and Oral Exam

In order to pass this portion of the CNA exam, an individual must score at least a 70%. This portion of the exam is made up of 50 questions, and each individual gets three attempts to pass before he or she has to retrain and then try again.

Skills Exam

The next portion of the exam requires individuals to perform six skills; these skills can include anything from measuring a patient’s blood pressure or body temperature, to measuring the output from a urinary bag. An individual must pass all six skills; three attempts are allowed before he or she must retrain and retest.

The Application Process to be Placed on the Nebraska CNA Registry

Individuals that complete the standard curriculum and evaluation do not need to apply in order to be placed on the Nebraska CNA registry, the department will be notified after the evaluation has been passed. An individual should expect to see his or her name within 30 days of the department being notified.

If an individual has taken an alternate route in order to become a CNA, he or she must submit the appropriate documentation (graduate certification or RN/LPN license) as well as a cover letter that requests placement on the Nebraska CNA Registry.

What Happens After an Individual is a Certified Nursing Assistant in Omaha?

Having a CNA certification opens a number of doors for an individual interested in the medical field. Typically, CNAs are employed in long-term care facilities and nursing homes that are funded by Medicare/Medicaid, or they practice as private duty nursing assistants. Whether becoming a CNA is a step towards a future in the medical field, or it is the beginning of a career, becoming a certified nurse aide in Nebraska is worth one’s while.

This post does not guarantee employment or specific earning potentials, it simply represents the variety of career opportunities to our students.

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