Job Board FAQs

Here are some of the Job Board FAQs and their corresponding answers. If you need additional assistance, please email us.

Questions About Getting Started

I want to post a job. Where should I start? Start by creating an account. From there you can purchase a posting package.

I have purchased a posting. How do I post my job? From your account page or your job listings page, you can post a job. Note that you must be logged in to do so. You are responsible for all content. Your posting will not be proofread before it becomes active.

I have posted my job. Now I need to make changes. How do I do that? Visit your job listings page from your account. Click on the listing that needs edits, make edits and save. Please note that making changes does not change your post date or expiration date.

My job has been filled but my posting hasn’t expired yet. What are my options? First, congratulations! You have two options with the remaining time on your posting. You may simply mark it as filled and be done. Or you may edit your posting to promote another opening. Note that making changes does not change your original posting date or expiration date.  No refunds for unused time will be provided.

My thirty-day posting has expired. What do I do now? Thirty-day postings are automatically removed from the active posting list once they expire. So there is no need to do anything if your needs are meet. If you still need a position filled, go ahead an purchase another posting.

Questions About Prospective Employees 

How many graduates does Quality have each year? Last year, we graduated over 1,100 certified students.

How does Quality promote the Job Board? We currently have over 6,000 current and past students, as well as prospects, in our database. We consistently deploy informational emails about the school and its offerings. The Job Board is one of the topics featured. Additionally, information is shared during class and at graduation. Lastly, at the school, we have a prominent Employer Wall that features our employment partners.

How much traffic does the site receive? This stat fluctuates every month. However, within the first two weeks of the job board launch the site had over 5,000 clicks from over 1,200 unique visitors. And the job board was viewed over 500 times.

Questions About the Job Packages

I would like to speak to your students during a break, is that possible? We only allow our Premier Partners to present to our students. Once you become a Premier Partner, we provide you will a class calendar where you can sign up for presentation time slots.

Common Issues 

I am trying to check out, but the box to click that I have read the T&Cs is not appearing. What should I do? Employers have had this issue when using Safari. We are working to correct it, but in the meantime, please try it again using Chrome.