Learning Your Way

Learning styles vary from person to person. Some want to learn at their own pace online, while others want a traditional classroom experience. At Quality Career Pathways, you can choose the method that is right for you.

Online Hybrid Learning

Most Quality courses are offered as an online hybrid. This means upon enrolling in a course, you have access to your online content. You proceed through your course on your own before coming to the school for hands-on skills training. The online learning management system keeps track of your progress and allows you repeat sections if you need to review.

Online Content Includes:

  • Skills video demonstrations
  • Skills instructions (downloadable)
  • Quizzes to test your understanding
  • Self paced and/or Video Presentations

An important thing to note about the online portion is that you must have your designated course hours completed PRIOR to coming to the school. If you haven’t finished your required homework, you will have to reschedule your class time – which comes with an additional fee. That is why we generally check our student’s progress about a week before their class. We can inform them if they are missing hours and give them time to get caught up.

Traditional In-Person Learning

If you are a person that has trouble with online learning or would rather learn solely through in-person instruction, we have traditional course options as well. Currently the CNA Course is the only course with the option to take the course through a hybrid format or 100% in-person. However, we may add traditional CMA options in the future.

With the weekday option, you generally have class Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:45 pm for two weeks. Can you image having a new career in as little as two weeks?

Simulations and Videos

Sometimes reading about how to perform a skill is not enough. Descriptions can be misinterpreted or steps may be confusing. That is why many of the online portions of our courses include videos to show how a skill is to be performed.

Hands On Training

Every course at QCP includes hands-on training because the certification exams require the students to complete their skills in an exact manner. Even our refresher courses for students who have been working in the field include hours to train with one of our instructors. Without an instructor overseeing your practice, there is a chance you are performing a skill incorrectly and will not pass your exams. We want to give you every chance to succeed.

Once You Determine Your Learning Style,
Enroll In A Course That Works For You

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