Is Pharmacy Technician The Right Healthcare Career Path For You?

The name of our school, Quality Career Pathways, is by design.  We truly want to help individuals find the right healthcare career path for them wherever that may lead. In many cases, getting a certification in a particular area can help you quickly determine if you’re on the right pathway.

Healthcare Career Path

So, How Do You Find The Right Healthcare Career Path?

If you do an internet search for this question, there are no shortage of articles written about this topic, particularly in the last two years. But let’s stay focused on a “Healthcare Career”.

If you know (or think you’re interested) in a Healthcare Career, it’s helpful to start with these questions:

    • How long do you want to attend school?
    • Do I want to provide DIRECT patient care or more administrative/supportive function?
    • What type of healthcare setting do I want to work in? (hospital, office, small business, etc.)
    • How many hours a week do I want to work?
    • What is the career outlook and wages for your desired position?

Quality Career Pathways provides certifications with a variety of options for each of the questions of above.  Covid-19 has also encouraged many to re-evaluate their career and explore new ones.  The need for healthcare providers and our certifications has increased at an amazing rate.  This article is going to highlight one certification that many may have not explored previously is Pharmacy Technicians.

pharmacy technician

Pharmacy Technicians

The role of a Pharmacy Technician is expanding and can vary based on the work environment, skill level, employer, etc.

What does a Pharmacy Technician do?

The Pharmacy Technician will always be under the direction of the pharmacist and/or Pharmacy Administrative Team. Duties may include but are not inclusive to: accurate and timely medication purchasing, preparation, labeling and delivery; maintain supplies and medication inventory levels; compound topical, oral, intravenous admixtures and drug therapies; answer phones, direct calls, greet visitors and respond to question in the Pharmacy.

How long does Pharmacy Technicians attend school?

Employers typically require a high school diploma or equivalent and will learn many of their duties through on-the-job training supplemented with an education program either through the employer or school.  Most employers in Nebraska will require placement on the Nebraska Pharmacy Technician Registry with National Exam certification within one year of employment.

Education programs for Pharmacy Technicians vary in length depending on if they are preparing you to pass the National Examination, include clinical experience, or lead towards an associate’s degree.

Quality Career Pathway Pharmacy Technician 12-week course is approved by the Nebraska Board of Pharmacy with materials created by the provider of the ExCPT National Certification Exam and includes a clinical externship with CHI Health.  Your certification will then be accepted in all states that require a national certification.

Do I want to provide direct patient care or a more administrative/ supportive function?

Pharmacy Technicians can have the best of both worlds based on their employer – in-patient, retail or administrative settings are all an option!

What type of healthcare setting do I want to work in? (hospital, office, small business, etc.)

Again, this is another advantage for Pharmacy Technicians when choosing an employer.  Positions are available in hospitals (state, local and private); pharmacies and independent drug stores; food and beverage stores; military; in-home health care settings; long term care facilities; mail service pharmacies; managed health care organizations; and educational programs.

How many hours a week do I want to work?

Once again, based on the employer, you may be working full-time or part-time.

What is the career outlook and wages for your desired position?

Covid-19 has accelerated the demand for pharmacy technicians due to vaccinations and increased hospitalizations and long-term effects.  

This post does not guarantee employment or specific earning potentials, it simply represents the variety of career opportunities to our students.

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