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I loved the flexibility of the hybrid program with my busy schedule. The instructors were very knowledgeable. They made sure that all of the information given was beneficial and related directly to the job. There was a lot of opportunity for questions and real world style practice in the classroom. I wish I had found them sooner! ~Diana S.

Loved that I was able to fit this class in to my schedule. Loved the small class sizes and the hands on training. Always felt comfortable. ~Desiree F.

Great teaching place! I learned everything I needed and it was fun and enjoyable! Iā€™m so excited to see where it takes me later on in life! I did the online class and then the hands on learning after and it helped a lot doing things at my own pace at first and being able to get it all done and making sure I was learning it all. I truly enjoyed this school! ~Savannah P.

Great place to get your CNA class! The class is low stress, and a lot of the time you are able to relax and have fun while you are getting your skills learned and checked off by instructors. They definitely have some kinks to work out in terms of clarification with their own instructors and who is teaching which days but they are on their way to being a great place to become certified. ~Molly C.

Amazing program!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get their CNA/CMA! I was impressed with the knowledge of the staff and their efforts to make sure every student felt comfortable and knowledgeable in every task!! In fact my daughter and her friend are already enrolled for a class in July!! Thanks for all you do there! The health care community needs you!! ~Natalie U.

I couldn’t be anymore thankful for Quality. Everyone helps you if there’s ever a question or problem. I took the evening classes and they flew right by. My teacher Jessica was absolutely amazing. She was so full of knowledge and talked us through everything. Thank you to the whole staff at Quality. ~Beanna D.

Great place to get your CNA! Amazing teachers and loved the online hybrid set up. Highly recommend!! ~Syndi M.

I am currently in the last day of the CNA program and took my written exam and PASSED!!! The experience I had in the class was excellent!! The instructor really went into depth and made sure everyone was on the same page and provided great materials and lectures for what you need to know to be the best CNA and caregiver you can be to provide the best quality care for the patient/resident. It was a great experience for me and prepared me very well to go out and be confident with my job with performing the skills properly. Thank You to my instructor and the administration for helping me obtain my CNA! ~Kayla W.

I just got my CNA at Quality Career Pathways and they were amazing!!! The instructors were kind and knowledgeable and the staff was very easy to work with. The prices are low compared to other classes I was looking at, but the education was stellar. Also, the 4-day hybrid class option was very convenient for a college student back home on break, like I was. Thank you Quality!!šŸ˜„! ~Sarah G.

Great people with an abundance of valuable knowledge! Varied class schedules for the programs offer great opportunities for busy people, parents, and anyone who wants to start anew an amazing chance to learn…. Highly recommended to anyone pursuing a CNA or CMA! ~Tony T.

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