Temporary Nurse Aide Conversion Course Facility Request

Temporary Nurse Aide Conversion Options for Facilities

  • Our program is approved by Nebraska Department of Health Human Services
  • Meets federal / state requirements necessary to be eligible for written and skills testing
  • Upon successful testing completion, students are eligible for placement on the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry.
  • Multiple options to complete the conversion course based on your employee’s comfort level with testing and registered nurse competency sign off, if needed.

Items to Consider

  • Skills Competency Sign Off: If your facility will be completing the Skills Competency Checklist they MUST be signed off according to Quality’s Skills Sheets.  If the steps on the skills sheets are not strictly followed, the student has a very high probability of failing.
  • Skills Refresher: In our experience with testing lapsed CNAs, students have a very low pass rate if they have not spent time in the classroom practicing their skills prior to testing.  If the facility will be signing off on Skills Competency, we strongly encourage the student signs up for a Skills Refresher Course prior to testing.
  • Testing: If your employee fails either 3 written exams or 3 skills exams, they will need to take the 76 hr CNA Course in its entirety and will no longer be eligible to convert their Temporary Nurse Aide Certificate.

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