Become a Premier Partner


Quality students are a hot commodity. Many employers want to come speak to our classrooms about their career opportunities. Due to the high demand received, we must limit this advantage to our Premier Partners.

Premier Partners are the only companies that are allowed access to our students. Once during each course, you can sign up to present during break. This time can be used to promote your business, to highlight job openings, and to collect resumes of potential hires.

There are other benefits of becoming a Premier Partner, such as:

Five active postings on the Quality Job Board.

Automatic receipt of email addresses of students who expressed interest in hearing from employers during the Quality application process. These emails can be used at your discretion.

Company branding through the school via a large logo placement on our partner page that can hyperlink to your recruitment website and logo placement on our Premier Partner wall within the school to be seen by all students when attending class.

Various payment plans are available:

2-Year Contract Paid in Full: $10,800 (That breaks down to only $450/mo)

2-Year Contract Automatic Monthly Payment Plan: $11,880 ($495/mo)

1-Year Contract Paid in Full: $6,000 (That’s only $500/mo)

1-Year Contract Automatic Monthly Payment Plan: $6,600 ($550/mo)


Contact the school today to get started: 402.609.9583


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