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Finding and retaining high-quality Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Certified Medication Aides (CMAs) is a constant struggle. The demand for employees with these skills far surpasses the supply. That is why we are providing multiple ways to help you fill your open positions:

    1. Get a Free 30-Day Listing on Our Job Board
    2. Train Your Own Employees
    3. Get Featured In Our eNewsletter
    4. Become a Premier Partner

Love your CNA

Free 30-Day Job Posting

The Quality Job Board is a place that our students and local medical professionals utilize to find their dream job. Because it only includes jobs specifically for CNAs, CMAs, and Pharmacy Technicians, it is simple to use.

Right now, we are offering a free 30-day job posting to local employers to help fill their open positions.  Start HERE.

Train Your Employees

Another way to solve your staffing shortage is to promote from within. Simply select stellar employees from within your organization, such as kitchen staff or housekeeping, and pay for them to train with us.

With courses offered during the weekday, weeknight or weekends, your employees have the flexibility to remain working while getting certified. View our full list of courses HERE and our course calendar HERE.

Get Featured In Our Newsletter

Approximately three times per month, Quality Career Pathways distributes an e-newsletter to our database of over 13,000 subscribers. This includes current and past students, plus those who have expressed an interest in a medical career.

You Now Have The Opportunity To Be Included In An Upcoming Issue

There are three different options available, each varies in price point and level of information shared about your company. Simply determine which option is right for you, provide the required information, select your date, and place your order.

Quality Career Pathways

Option 1: Job Listing

Availability:  Up to 9 per email

Cost: $100


Quality Career Pathways

Option 2: Featured Employer

Availability: 1 per email

Cost: $300


Quality Career Pathways

Option 3: Newsletter Takeover

Availability:  1 per email

Cost: $500


Become a Premier Partner

If you want up-front access to our students, consider becoming a Premier Partner. These companies are the only ones who are allowed into our classrooms.

Once during each course, you can sign up to present during break. This time can be used to promote your business, to highlight job openings, and to collect resumes of potential hires.

There are other benefits of becoming a Premier Partner, such as:

Up to five active postings on the Quality Job Board.

Automatic receipt of email addresses of students who expressed interest in hearing from employers during the Quality application process. These emails can be used at your discretion.

Company branding through the school via a large logo placement on our partner page that can hyperlink to your recruitment website and logo placement on our Premier Partner wall within the school to be seen by all students when attending class.

If you would like more information about becoming a Premier Partner, or about any of these opportunities, please fill out the form below or call us at 402.609.9583.

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