Six Questions To Ask When Looking For Employment

So you have your certification,
what happens now?
It time to find employment that you will love!

Employment You Love

Every role and every employer is different, just as each one of us is different. Here are some things to consider when looking for your perfect job.

Do you want your employment to be outside of an office building?

Maybe the idea of heading into an office building every day is not appealing. If so, you may want to consider employment as a home health care profession, like the positions offered at Comfort Keepers. This takes you to a new location every day for work since you visit clients at their own homes. And usually, there is a bit more flexibility in your schedule.

Do you want to assist elders in a facility setting?

Maybe your idea of personal care involves getting to know your clients through playing games, sharing meals, exercising, and daily conversations. If so, look into Hillcrest Health Services. They have over ten different locations throughout the Omaha area. And the services they provide include short- or long-term care…memory support for loved ones showing signs of dementia…and upscale independent living apartments.

Would you like to focus your attention toward children?

CNAs are in high demand for the elderly community, but if that is not your preferred clientele, there are other options.  Consider becoming a Pediatric CNA at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. After taking our PEDS course that teaches you how to convert your CNA skills to work with children, you will be ready to apply for a job.

Is a hospital experience top on your list?

Maybe you want to have variety – sometimes helping elderly, sometimes a child, and everything in between. Then consider a job as a CNA, CMA or PCA at Nebraska Medicine. This also means you can be part of one of the fastest growing research centers in the country.

Would you like to see people get better and go back home? 

One employment role a CNA can play is assisting rehabilitation. At Douglas County Health, you could help people recover from a stroke, perfect their coordination and balance, manage their pain, and help them regain their functional independence.

So, there are many different careers you can pursue as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Where will you go? 

This post does not guarantee employment or specific earning potentials, it simply represents the variety of career opportunities to our students.

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