Curious How The Online Portion Of Your Course Works?

Let Us Show You What to Expect

First, you will get access to your online materials as soon as you enroll in a course and make a payment. You do not have to pay in full to get access (but you can). If you signed up for a payment plan, you simply need to make your first payment.

Next, you will get an email with a link to the Learning Management System (LMS). This is where all your materials are located including content presentations, videos to watch, and quizzes to take. Yes, you will be taking periodic quizzes online to ensure you are comprehending the material.

You can access the LMS through the link that was in your email, or there is a link at the top of our website that will take you to the system’s log in page. You will log in with your email and a system-generated password which you will change upon initial log in.

Your Course Home Page Will Start With An Overview Video

This will show you how to navigate through your material and outline exactly what is expected from you. Please watch it so you are armed with all the information you need.

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Tracking Your Progress

There are three ways you will be tracked online to ensure you have completed all the required elements before coming to the school for your in-person skills training and final testing:

Completing the course material: There is a course outline listed on your course homepage that includes all lessons, worksheets, and exams that are required. It is broken into Units to help you better organize your time. Beside each element is an icon that shows you the format:

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Training time spent with the material: When you start a new element, a course timer will track how long you are spending with the material. To complete the course, you must review each section AND spend the minimum course requirement hours with the content. For example, for the CNA course, you must spend at least 44 hours with the online content. If you follow the prompts, you will easily reach both your content and timed goals.

Quiz scores: There are several quizzes throughout your course to ensure you are understanding the material. Your score will be calculated at end of the quiz and must achieve a specific score to proceed. Each course and exam has different criteria for passing and the system will let you know if you need to retake a quiz.

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Material Details: The Audio Presentations

With audio presentations, you will be listening to the instructor lecture, sometimes with visuals and sometimes without. Please note that there is not a fast forward function. So once you start an audio presentation, if you stop and come back later, you will restart the material in that section again. The audio presentation segments range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes a piece, so take a look at the section’s time ticker before you start.

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Material Details: The Videos

The videos are generally there to show you a skill that you will eventually practice when you get to the school. Many students like to revisit these videos right before coming to class.

Material Details: The Quizzes

At the end of each Unit, there will be a quiz. You will be presented with one question at a time and your score will be provided at the conclusion.

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After a set amount of time, the quiz will time out and you will receive your score. If you need to retake the quiz, please revisit the prior material to review, then attempt again.

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The Progress Report

At any point, you can check your progress through the course by clicking on the menu bar at the top of the screen. A green check will appear next to all the material that you have completed. In the example below, the CNAH Opening Presentation was not completed. You will need to have all sections checked before coming to the school for in-person class.

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Additionally, at the completion of a Unit, you will get a summary of your progress. It will show your course completion percentage and your time summary.

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Let’s Get Started

Now that you know what to expect online, get enrolled in a course, and get started.

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