Understanding the Online Hybrid

Now Offering Most Certifications Through An Online Hybrid Format

Online Hybrid

Here Is How the Online Hybrid Format Works

Each course has a set number of hours you need to complete in order to sit for your exams. In a traditional course, 100% of those hours are completed onsite at the school. With the online hybrid, a portion of the hours can be completed online before coming to the school for the hands-on training.

The online hybrid format is wonderful for those students who are self-motivated and can study on their own. Plus it allows you to complete the coursework at your own pace – and in your location of preference (on the beach, yes please).

CMA Testing onsite

The CNA Course Hybrid Details

The CNA certification program has a requirement of 76 hours. With the hybrid, the online CNA courses (44 hours) are combined with classes on location (32 hours). Its the smartest and fastest way to go about your CNA training.

The CMA Course Hybrid Details

A CMA certification requires 40 hours of training. In a traditional course, all 40 hours are completed in-person at the school. With an online hybrid course, you complete 24 hours of coursework online before coming into the school in Omaha, Nebraska to complete the remaining 16 hours.

Pharm Tech Course Hybrid Details

The Pharmacy Tech program is specifically designed to be an online hybrid. It includes 124 hours of online work with 10 hours of campus checkins to ensure you are understanding the material. The program concludes with a 32-hour externship.

How To Enroll In The Online Hybrid Courses

You may sign up for an Online Hybrid Course anytime. As soon as you enroll and pay for the course, you will gain access to the online curriculum.

Since the CMA course requires that you complete the 24 hours of online course work before coming into Quality to complete the hands-on training, courses will close FIVE days prior to the first day of hands-on training. This will allow students enough time to complete the online portion. 

For the CNA course, you must enroll and purchase the CNA online hybrid class and complete ALL assignments and online work equal to 44 hours before coming into Quality to complete the hands-on training. Therefore, courses will close FIVE days prior to the first day of hands-on training.  

When Do I Pay For The Hybrid Course?

You need to pay for the course, or enroll in a payment plan, prior to gaining access to the online curriculum.

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